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Stories of Mentors

Stories of Mentors

Being a mentor for the next generation of anglers has a profound impact on those beginning their fishing journey as well as their teachers. These mentors' stories share how they’re empowering the next generation of anglers to get out on the water.

I Am a Mentor

When you’re just starting out fishing, it’s invaluable to have a mentor by your side. Teaching has a profound impact on the next generation of anglers who are just beginning their fishing journey, as well as their mentors. Gift them a fishing license, take them fishing in a body of water near you, and you will have a fishing buddy for years to come!

Watch these stories to learn about how today’s fishing mentors are empowering the next generation to get out on the water.

Fishing for the Future

Time spent with family in a small boat is a treasure and builds a foundation for not only deep personal relationships but a caring spirit towards the natural world. Joined by the water, their bonds of father and child are strengthened in ways that help sustain them in difficult times:

Jeanine Blair: Mother Fisher

Jeanine is committed to passing on the tradition of fishing to her five daughters and the countless other women in her organization, Fishanistas. She shares the power fishing can have to sustain mind, body, spirit and the planet.

Slangmagic: From the Court to the Water

This former New York Knick and Brooklyn native has an unexpected passion: fishing. Lance Thomas wanted to share his passion while embracing his competitive nature, so he started SlangMagic.

Reeling In Memories

For father-daughter duo Mike and Kenzi, fishing is an escape from life’s daily challenges and a chance to catch memories right in their own backyard.

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