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Fishing Almanac

Fishing Almanac

A fishing almanac is usually organized in a calendar format, with each day of the month being classified as best, good, fair or poor. You can find monthly fishing forecasts online, or buy a print fishing almanac.

Fishing Almanac Or Fishing Forecast

Once you learn how to fish, there may be times when you want to plan a fishing trip for months in advance based on specific time periods when the fish are most likely to be biting. One of the best ways to do this is to check a fishing almanac or monthly fishing forecast.

Predicting Best Fishing Times

Are you wondering how the best fishing times can be predicted in advance? It's simpler than you might think. Advance predictions are based upon the fact that fish feed in cycles. These cycles are often determined by fishing moon phase theories and relative location to the earth. Predicting the best times to fish based on the phases of the moon is referred to as solunar theory.

Solunar Fishing Tips

  • If you are planning to go saltwater fishing during a new or full moon, the stronger gravitational pull of the moon will create more tidal movement. More current or tidal movement can often mean better fishing.
  • In both freshwater and saltwater fishing situations, the light from a full moon can give fish the ability to see and feed easier throughout the night. You may want to try fishing at night during a full moon.
  • When reading a fishing almanac, check to see if there are major or minor feeding hours listed that will tell you when to fish. There are usually major feeding periods that last for two hours, and minor feeding periods that last for an hour.

While a fishing almanac or forecast will give you a general idea about the best fishing times based on the moon's phases, don't forget that weather extremes in your local area can also affect fish feeding behavior. Be sure to consider any unexpected changes in conditions when making a decision about where to fish and which days may be best.

Pinpointing the best fishing days isn't hard; it just takes a little bit of research. Besides, the best time to fish might just be whenever you can get your family and friends out on the water to make new memories.