February 2018

Best bait for tarpon fishing that will improve your catch

Big fish eat little fish, and tarpon love bait of all kinds.  When they arrive in the Spring be ready with an assortment of shrimp, mullet, and crabs.

Fishing and Boating with my kids in Alaska

Alaska, the United States’ largest and northernmost state, is famous for many things—and that includes incredible fishing!

Pescando y Navegando con mis hijos en Alaska

Alaska, el estado más grande y más al norte de los Estados Unidos, es famoso por muchas cosas, ¡esto incluye una pesca increíble! 

Expert Tips on Best Baits for Tarpon Fishing

Learn why fishing in February can mean variety in Florida. Find out which freshwater, saltwater species you can enjoy catching, where to go, baits to use 

Bottom Fishing Rigs You can use to catch more fish

Bottom fishing rigs can be very productive for many kinds of fish all year long. 

4 Important Reasons to Get Your Boater Safety Card

Winter is a terrific time to brush up on boat safety.  Take a class, study online, and be ready to splash come spring.

Lake Lewisville Fishing Trip Ideas You'll Love

Find out when Lake Lewisville fishing is best for different species, how to fish Lake Lewisville with your family, baits to use, Lewisville lake fishing spots

Chicago Fly Fishing: Where to Go in Chicago, What to Bring

Fly fishing opportunities abound in the Chicago area. Chicago is a worthy location due to its proximity to Lake Michigan and its tributaries which can hold steelhead, Coho salmon, and brown trout.

Our Family Fishing and Boating Adventure in Idaho

Buried deep in the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho is one of the state’s best hidden gems, the town of Stanley. This tiny mountain community is home to only about 60 full-time residents, but during the spring, summer and fall, it attracts throngs of visitors with some of the best water sports around.

Top Bass Boat Accessories You Can’t Miss!

Improve your bass boat's performance with these four types of accessories.  Have more fun and catch more bass!

Nuestra aventura familiar de pesca en Idaho

¡Stanley lo tiene todo para los amantes del agua! Esta pequeña comunidad montañosa alberga a unos 60 residentes y durante la primavera, el verano y el otoño, atrae a muchos visitantes ya que ofrece los mejores deportes acuáticos.

4 Fly Patterns you can use Fly Fishing for Bluegill

Fly fishing for bluegill is a great family outdoor activity. Learn which bluegill flies to use when fishing on a freshwater lake, pond, river near you

Fisheries Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

Learn more about fisheries jobs, fisheries management jobs, how they contribute to conservation of our fish species

Top Reasons You Should Take Ice Fishing Vacation

There are several reasons why anglers may want to try an ice fishing vacation.

When to Start Thinking about Boat Motor Maintenance

Boat motor maintenance will be easier during the fishing season if you get a jump on your engine checklist right now. 

3 Reasons You Can’t Miss the Miami Intl. Boat Show in 2018

From February 15-19, thousands of boating enthusiasts from around the world will gather at the Miami International Boat Show for the year’s five biggest days of boating.

Our Fishing Trip to Holter Lake Montana

Holter Lake was without a doubt the most scenic place we have ever dropped a line. When we envisioned fishing in Montana we figured it would be picturesque, but this lake blew us away.

How to use ice safety picks effectively

 An ice safety pick is a handle and spike tip that fishermen use to pull themselves out of the water when the ice breaks under their feet.  Their $10 cost makes them the best purchase you can make.

Nuestro viaje de Pesca al lago holter en Montana

Nuestra aventura de pesca y navegacion en el lago Holter en Montana, uno de los lagos con mejores paisajes en el estado de Montana

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