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The Best Super Bowl Snacks for the Big Game

The Best Super Bowl Snacks for the Big Game

By Jeff Bogle

Jan 31, 2023

Fish snacks make the best Super Bowl snacks! Whether you care more about the game or the commercials, here are 6 good fish snacks to serve.

No matter if it's ultimately a showdown between big cats and birds of prey in the big game, fish snacks make the best Super Bowl snacks!

While some of the same snacks you’d pack for a day of boating on the lake would also be awesome to munch on during the big game on Sunday, you can get creative and provide more fresh fish snacks and fish shaped snacks for yourself and your guests. Let’s take a look at some of the best Super Bowl snacks you can serve to cap off this football season, including some dried fish snacks and snack fish skin. Whether you care more about the game or the commercials, these 6 fish snacks are all winners!


1. Blackened Fish Bites

You’ve got your jersey on, some helmets decorating the mantle, and the pre-game show is getting everyone pumped for kickoff. One of the easiest recipes for fish snacks you can make are these incredible blackened fish bites. During the game or at half-time, they can be popped as good fish snacks by themselves in one bite or used to make DIY fish tacos!


2. A Dried Fish Snack

Packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids, cod jerky bites is the best dried fish snack to serve as Super Bowl snacks this season. Fresh from Iceland, where snack fish skin is more commonplace, these Nordic treats are sure to please you and your fellow anglers, whether you’re rooting for your favorite team, watching for the commercials, or just waiting for the halftime show.


3. Fish and Chips

Ok, so maybe these British classic fish snacks are better for the ‘other’ kind of football, but as fishing themed snacks go for the big game, it’s hard to beat fresh plates of fried cod and french fries! Every time a quarterback is dipped to the ground for a sack, you can dip some more fish into tartar sauce, cheer on your defense during the big game, and devour these delicious Super Bowl snacks.


4. Fish Tacos

Speaking of fish tacos, these handheld beauties make for amazing Super Bowl snacks! Make them using our best grilled fish taco recipe or decide to offer these fish snacks at a build-your-own taco bar — either way, your fellow fans are going to love munching on good fish snacks from the 1st quarter to the trophy presentation after the final whistle.


5. Simple Fish Ceviche

Of course you’ll want to have queso, salsa and guacamole, but if you crave even more fishing themed snacks for the big game, check out this simple fish ceviche recipe to serve with tortilla chips on Sunday. Just minutes to prepare, the citrus juice plays the most important position in this recipe, in marinating and “cooking” the fish, getting it ready to scoop up and enjoy with your favorite chips so you never have to take your eyes off the game.


6. Goldfish

There’s no better fish shaped snacks than the class Goldfish! Available as pretzel, pizza, and classic cheddar cheese flavor, these fish snacks are beloved by kids and adults alike. Grab a handful to eat while drinking your favorite cold beverage, and enjoy the game, the commercials and halftime show with family and friends, and a table full of delicious Super Bowl snacks.


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Jeff Bogle
Jeff Bogle
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