July 2016

7 Things to Know About Fishing in Florida

Florida fishing offers a diverse range of both saltwater and freshwater fish species, as well as other exotic wildlife. A local angler shares several tips to help you have a successful fishing adventure. 

5 Simple Ways to Prevent Water Pollution

Clean boating practices can significantly minimize the pollutants that affect water quality. Try a few simple methods to help facilitate clean water so there are more fish to catch!

4 Tips for Choosing a Fishing Guide

Finding the right fishing guide can make or break your fishing trip. Here’s what you need to know about planning your charter fishing adventure, and maybe catch an unforgettable marlin.

Ever Find This in Your Fishing Pants?

Fly fishing pants protect you from UV rays, bug bites and scratchy brush as you wade along the beach or shoreline. They also have a habit of collecting interesting objects like these!

4 Reasons to Explore New Fishing Spots

One of the best parts of fishing is finding new places to fish, especially if you're catching new fish species. You'll learn a lot and have a fun time doing so.

How To Get Started Fishing in 10 Simple Steps

With just a few pieces of basic gear, you'll be reeling in fish and making new memories in no time. 

Fishing and Boating for the Birds

Fishing and boating protect water resources and provide habitat for birds, which can help you fish. Learn how to increase your catch by birdwatching!

These 5 Things Can Make or Break Your Fishing Vacation

Wondering which situations can either make or break your fishing vacation experience? Make your family fishing trip the very best it can be with these 5 suggestions.

4 Fun Ways to Enjoy Boating

Besides fishing, there are many ways to have fun on a boat this summer. You just might discover your next favorite activity!

Our fishing trip was a success this year!

Fish on the line! These were the electric words being yelled all day by first mates of The Worm, Bob and Tim. The annual RBFF team fishing trip was a success as we all had an eventful day fishing for rockfish and striper, out of the Chesapeake Bay. 

The Best Time to Fish? Read the Weather

A short lesson on how weather predicts the best fishing times. Learn about wind, barometric pressure, and changing weather patterns – you just might catch more bass!

An Angler’s Marine Conservation Efforts

Can you guess what this angler did on behalf of fishing conservation? Read to find out how she helped to prevent overfishing and protect sport fishing for future generations.

Boat Safety: An Ounce of Prevention

Avoid boating accidents with three tips to keep you, your crew, and your boat safe this summer. Learn who has the right-of-way, how to handle a wake, when to help a grounded vessel, and more!

3 Tips on How to Catch Crappie

Does a mess of fresh fried crappie sound like the perfect summer supper? Catch your limit with these three expert crappie fishing tips. Find out where crappie like to hang out and what kind of bait almost guarantees they’ll strike

10 Reasons Why Boat Trips Are Good for the Soul

Whether a boating vacation or just a short boat ride on a local lake, being on the water has been proven to have mental and physical health benefits. Here are some reminders of why it’s a great decision to engage in family boating, water sports, fishing, or floating.

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