4 Fun Ways to Enjoy Boating

Summer means vacation. Water is a popular element for a great vacation and thus, so is a boat. There are many kinds of boats. I usually am on a boat for fishing but there are other fun ways you can use a boat.

Fun Boating Ideas

  1. Dinner cruise. On your travels this summer, check to see if there is a sunset dinner cruise or sight-seeing trip in the harbor. (You might even be able to do some scouting of potential fishing spots.)
  2. Wildlife viewing. While paddling a canoe quietly on a small, remote lake or stream, you just never know what you may see. Have your camera ready.
  3. Tubing or water skiing. What could be better than going fast on water? Going fast on water while being towed.
  4. Exercise. Kayaking, either by pedal or paddle, can put the fun back in a work out.

Every boat is a convertible. It is difficult not to smile with the wind in your face as you glide across this strange, undulating surface. Try different kinds of boats when you get the chance. For example, don’t pass up an invite to go boating with a friend. Or, if you follow fishing tournaments, boat or outboard motor companies often offer test rides for a taste of their newest models. You just might discover your next favorite activity. And if you decide to buy, getting a boat registration is relatively painless.

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Andy Whitcomb

Andy Whitcomb

Andy Whitcomb is a columnist, outdoor humorist, and stressed-out Dad. He says there are “people who fish”… and there are “fishermen”.  One of the few things he knows is that he is a “fisherman”...  To the point it could be classified as borderline illness.  Sharing this obsession is rewarding, therapeutic. He likes to encourage people to “stop and smell the crappie."  Enjoys catching fish, but gets a greater thrill out of helping someone else hook up.
Born in Florida, but raised on the banks of Oklahoma farm ponds. Now relocated to western Pennsylvania. He has fished, worked, lived all around the US.  He has a B.S. in Zoology from Oklahoma State as well...
And he met his wife while electrofishing. He has been contributing weekly to www.takemefishing.org since 2011.