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5 Outdoor Activities for Mental Health Day 2023

5 Outdoor Activities for Mental Health Day 2023

By Jeff Bogle

Oct 06, 2023

From the benefits of fishing for mental health to the need for self-care, here are 5 ways to focus on you during World Mental Health Day 2023.

Mental health awareness is one of the defining issues of our time. The stress and uncertainty of life takes its toll on each individual differently. This is one reason we look for healthy ways to celebrate world mental health day. From the benefits of fishing for mental health to the need for self-care, here are 5 ways to focus on your mental health.


Celebrate World Mental Health Day 2023 by or on the water, fishing pole in hand, and know that when you eat your catch, not only will it taste great, the Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish has incredible nutritional value with mental and physical benefits. Plus, the extra benefits of fishing for mental health are that it can be meditative and a fun outdoor ac-tivity. Here’s how to get your fishing license!


Whether you're outside under twinkle lights, beneath a canopy of redwoods, experiencing yoga and breathing in concert with a mesmerizing soundbath, or simply on your own patch of grass, spend a portion of world mental health day (and days during mental health week) doing yoga. You'll become more flexible and clear space in your head for thoughts of gratitude.

Practice Self-Care

When it comes to mental health awareness, everyone can benefit from focusing on self-care routines. From taking daily walks outside to a skin care regiment in your bathroom, self-care comes in all shapes and sizes. For World Mental Health Day 2023, make the time to consider what world mental health day activities you could add to your life, to take care of your body, mind and emotional wellbeing.


Whether alone in a kayak slicing through statue still water or raising a toast with friends on a pontoon boat, boating is one of the best world mental health day activities because you can achieve a "Blue Mind." This is when you escape the everyday routine, your brain resets, and you experience the sense of wonder found while boating.

Do What You Love, Outside

Fresh air and vitamin D are shown to improve mental health. This means taking your favorite activities outside could have a positive impact on your wellbeing. If you love to read, write, paint, nap, sing, dance, listen to music, or play video games on a tablet or Switch, do what you love outside!

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Jeff Bogle
Jeff Bogle
Jeff is a dad of teen daughters, avid traveler, photographer, and freelance writer. He’s penned stories on family travel, outdoor recreation, the environment, parenting, and more for Fodor’s, Reader’s Digest, Parents Magazine, Good Housekeeping, PBS, and Esquire, among other publications. Find him on his blog, and on Instagram @OWTK. Jeff is also the publisher of the quarterly literary zine, Stanchion