How to choose the best rain gear for any fishing condition

By Gill Fishing

Sep 02, 2021

Learn all about the best rain gear for fishing and wet weather. If you don't like getting wet while fishing, there's options for you! 

Getting wet is simply a part of fishing. Conditions can quickly change on the water, and everyone eventually gets caught in a storm. In many cases, anglers intentionally fish in the rain — but never in lightning — to take advantage of hot bites happening despite the soggy weather.

Anglers should always carry quality rain gear that keeps them dry during the heaviest downpours. However, all rain gear is not created equally, and many anglers have learned this lesson the hard way.

Gill has been trusted on the water for more than 40 years for its dependable, high-quality waterproof apparel. Gill Fishing has worked with professional anglers to develop a diverse range of technical rain jackets, pants and bibs for a variety of fishing styles, climates, seasons and budgets.

Here’s a guide to picking fishing rain apparel that best suits you.

Breathable vs. non-breathable


All of Gill Fishing’s foul weather gear is both waterproof and breathable, which keeps anglers dry as well as cool by allowing body heat to escape and sweat to evaporate. While non-breathable rain suits effectively stop water, they’re just as effective at trapping heat and moisture inside the suit. This can lead to excessive sweating, overheating in warm conditions, and damp clothing that chills to the bone during cold weather.

Picking rain gear for warm weather fishing

Summer is peak fishing season for many anglers, and it’s also the rainiest time of year in many parts of the country. Dependable rain gear is mission-critical equipment for even the sunniest and hottest days, as pop-up storms can strike at any time.

Gill Fishing’s Active Jacket and Active Bib are a great choice for anglers seeking professional-quality rain gear for an entry level price. The jacket features fully taped seams, a durable water repellent finish, and an inner sleeve that adjusts at the cuff to prevent water from entering the jacket arms. Both the jacket and bib are highly waterproof and 70 percent breathable, which ensures anglers stay dry and comfortable in warm weather. The jacket is also available in women’s cut and sizing.

Best rain gear for cold-weather fishing

In most climates, anglers can use the same foul-weather apparel all year by wearing appropriate base and mid-layers during cold conditions. But for anglers who fish in the colder conditions — or simply want extra warmth — the Tournament Jacket and bib are great choices. The jacket and suit can be used as an outer layer in winter with suitable mid-layers underneath. The jacket also includes advanced features such as a vortex hood to streamline airflow, high cut thermal collar, fully taped seams and adjustable double cuff to lock out water. Key features to look for to be comfortable and dry on the water.


For anglers who need even more protection from the cold, Gill Fishing offers the Winter Angler Jacket and Winter Angler Bib, which are both insulated for extra warmth.

Gill Fishing
Gill Fishing
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