September 2021

4 Outdoor Fall Leaf Activities for Kids

Fall colors undeniably beautiful and they provide outdoor activities for kids too! These leaf activities will make autumn weekends even more fun!

Celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana

Si deseas celebrar el Mes de la Herencia Hispana este año, el agua ofrece muchas oportunidades para rendir homenaje a la cultura hispana. Averigua cómo.

How to Choose the Best Boating Apps

How to choose best boating apps for navigation, trip planning, weather alerts, best fishing times. Selecting digital apps for your adventures on the water

National Hunting and Fishing Day

Why National Hunting and Fishing Day was created, how it’s celebrated, and how anglers contribute to fisheries management and conservation programs

5 Best National Parks To Visit in the Fall

Fall foliage reaches new heights when you peep autumn’s vibrant colors in national parks. Here are the 5 best national parks to visit in the fall!

5 Tips for Attending Fall 2021 Boat Shows

List of tips for attending fall 2021 boat shows. Learn how to plan smarter, stay safer, think ahead, and make the most of your experiences at fall boat shows

3 of the Best Fishing Tips for Bass

Late summer is a great time to catch bass if you know where to look. Here’s where you should go to catch bass and which are the best times to head to the water for a successful day.

11 Expert Tips for Freshwater Kayak Fishing Success

From what to do before and just after launching to what to do on the water, here are a dozen practical freshwater kayak fishing practices you’ll want to adopt

Boat Maintenance Basics: Boat Battery Types

Summary of boat battery types, including best boat battery for starting an engine or running electrical loads, including description of different marine battery chemistries

The Zodiac Signs as Fish

Ever wondered what fish you would be based on your zodiac sign? Wonder no more.

Empieza a pescar por menos de $50

Si te interesa la pesca, pero te preocupa que pueda ser un deporte costoso, ¡no temas! Descubre cómo el costo para comenzar a pescar puede ser menos de $50. 

6 Ways To Spend A Weekend in Nature

From boosting immune systems to reducing stress, there are health benefits of nature! Here are 6 things to do outside on a nature weekend getaway.

What’s The Hardest Fish To Catch?

Why the blue marlin is considered the hardest fish to catch, trolling techniques for the toughest fish to catch, how to land the hardest saltwater fish to catch

Choosing the Best Fishing Reels for Saltwater

There are a variety of styles and models of saltwater fishing reels. Here’s how to decide which is right for you.

Best Cheap Fishing Trips for End of Summer

Ideas for planning cheap fishing trips before the end of summer. List of best cheap fishing trips that are affordable, fun ways to spend time together outdoors

How to choose the best rain gear for any fishing condition

Learn all about the best rain gear for fishing and wet weather. If you don't like getting wet while fishing, there's options for you! 

5 Best Boat Towables for End of Summer Family Fun

Before summer’s over, get out on the water for epic end of season fun with these best boat towables, inflatable tubes and water sport towables.

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