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The Zodiac Signs as Fish

The Zodiac Signs as Fish

By Kendra Lee

Sep 13, 2021

Ever wondered what fish you would be based on your zodiac sign? Wonder no more.

Astrology seems to be having its day in the Sun lately (pun intended) along with fishing participation, which is at an all-time high. This got me thinking - what would a crossover between the two look like? What kind of fish species would each zodiac sign be?

As a budding astrologer, I decided to tackle this question head on.


The first sign of the zodiac, Aries are known for being easy to incite but still a good time. This is why they pair nicely with a rainbow trout, because they "fly readily, leap often, and fight hard."


Represented by the bull, this is a sign known for being stubborn but likeable, just like a bullhead.


Geminis are hard to pin down as they are true chameleons of the zodiac: "two sides of the Gemini" and all that. This is why they are paired with dolphinfish, which can change colors out of the water.


One could say that Cancers are the deep, sensitive, thoughtful signs of the zodiac. But, they're represented by a crab so - gotta go with crab on this (almost too easy).


Leos are known for being their own biggest fans, and they're represented by a lion. So it's obviously got to be a catfish!


Virgos have an intense attention to detail and since tarpons can be tricky to find and picky with their bait, I paired these two together.


Since Libra is represented by scales and balance, this has to be a fish that can live in both freshwater and saltwater - or brackish waters. I'm going to say white perch.


Scorpios can be tough-minded and determined, so this is a fish that will fight back on the other end of the line, like a marlin (note the marlin's fin also resembles a scorpion's stinger).


Sagittarians are friendly, chatty and all around fun to talk to, I imagine they would be like a croaker.


Capricorns are natural leaders and can be hard on themselves. They are represented by a horned goat, so they pair nicely with sheepshead.


Aquarians go against the mainstream, which makes this zodiac sign an easy match for salmon.


Not only is Pisces symbol represented with a fish, in the zodiac calendar it is the twelfth and last sign. This astrological significance of this is that Pisces carries a little bit of each sign in the zodiac that comes before it. Because bass are the popular fish to catch and everyone likes to reel one in, I am choosing this as the match for Pisces.

Does your fish match up with your sun sign? Are there any you would change? Have you caught the kind of fish that your sign got paired with? Learn how to fish for each of these species - and then try to catch them all!

Kendra Lee
Kendra Lee
Kendra Lee has a love of marketing with experience from design to implementation and has worked on both the client side and publisher side. At RBFF she manages the national™ and™ marketing campaigns and creative assets in digital, print, TV, and more. Kendra also assists with Disney partnership through in-park branding, national media buy, and local activation events.