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Planning a Spring Fishing Trip: Are You Prepared?

These varied tackle checks should be part of your preparations when planning a spring fishing...

How to Avoid or Remove Memory From Fishing Line

What causes line memory, how to remove memory from fishing line, and how to avoid having a line...

What to Know When Choosing Ice Fishing Lines

What to consider when choosing ice fishing lines and leaders, based on critical line...

There Are Many Benefits to Using Braided Fishing Line

The low diameter, low stretch, and limpness of braided fishing line produces a long list of...

Dacron Fishing Line Knots You Need to Know

Common dacron fishing line knots you need to know. Learn the best knots for dacron fishing line...

How, When and Where to Put Sinkers on Fishing Line

Sinkers are essential tackle for all anglers. Learn common types of sinkers, where to put sinkers...

Knot Now! Tangled Fishing Lines & Fishing Conservation

Fishing line is a critical component of fishing.

7 Tricks to Try On a Fishing Trip When The Fish Won't Bite

You have the entire family together, you've gone through your checklist of tackle, fueled up...

What’s My Line?

When I was young, my two or three rod and reels combos all had the same line: 8 pound monofilament.

Physics of Fishing: The Pendulum

Recently, I accompanied my daughter to a science museum for a school field trip.

Cut It Out

Fishing is a great stress reliever. But it also causes stress: on your fishing line. This then...

A Fine Line

There is a wide range of fishing line strengths folks can use when bass fishing.

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