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What’s My Line?

When I was young, my two or three rod and reels combos all had the same line: 8 pound monofilament.

The Saltwater Fishing License

No one bats an eye about a freshwater fishing license, but in recent time more coastal states...

10 Saltwater Fish Species to Catch by Boat

While there are many fish species that can easily be caught while fishing from the shore or a...

Fishing tips and tricks to catch more fish

Location is everything.

Pier Pressure

Saltwater or freshwater, a fishing pier can be a great place to fish. Not only can the structure...

6 Saltwater Inshore Tackle Essentials You Don’t Want to be Without

You may have heard about the thrill of catching a redfish on a topwater lure or the joy of...

Reasons to Take a Fishing Trip to the Ten Thousand Islands

As the sun rises over the expansive mangrove forests and back country tidal flats of the Ten...

5 Saltwater Fish You Don't Want to Catch

Sharp teeth, stinging barbs and odd croaking sounds are just a few of the reasons why anglers...

The Fall Run

Fall is a special time of year.

Four! No, that’s a Five-Pounder!

Fishing can serve as a way to relax, have fun, and help manage stress.

4 Things to Remember When Choosing Saltwater Fishing Line

In order to select the best type of saltwater fishing line to use in the backwaters or on the...

Cape Cod National Seashore

One reason I wanted to write about National Parks this month is because I live near one and that...

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