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Fishing License & Boat Registration Plugin

Fishing License & Boat Registration Plugin

The Fishing License & Boat Registration Website Plugin connects your customers with the information they need in just one click. 

Everyone benefits from increased participation; here’s how it can help you:

  • Reducing barriers –
    • The license and registration process can be the most intimidating aspect of participation and lack of a fishing license or boat registration can be a major barrier to participation
  • Increasing sales –
    • In 2016, 35.7 million Americans over the age of 15 spent $49.8 billion on fishing gear and trips
    • Every angler represents a $1,392 yearly, or $130 per trip, opportunity for your business
  • Uniting the industry –
    • For every licensed angler, there are 1.68 total fishing participants
    • Licensed anglers recruit non-licensed participants, making future enthusiasts
    • These newcomers drive participation growth

By adding this tool to your site, you could help create a ripple effect, bolstering your business, helping us increase participation, and creating a brighter future for fishing and boating.

How does it work? Just add a small line of code to your website. The plugin will then be displayed on your site. Consumers simply click their state on the map and are taken directly to the fishing license or boat registration information they need.

With the plugin on your website, you’ll lower the barriers by facilitating license sales, increasing the number of fishing trips and anglers, and positioning your business as a trusted resource for the items needed to fish.


Once added to your site, promote this tool to your followers on social media using our Fishing License & Boat Registration Plugin toolkit with sample posts and imagery.

Don’t just take it from us – hear from fellow industry members why they’ve added the Take Me Fishing™ Fishing License & Boat Registration Plugin and Places to Boat & Fish Map to their consumer-facing websites.