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How to Saltwater Fish in New Jersey

How to Saltwater Fish in New Jersey

Get New Jersey fishing tips for species like striped bass, ocean fishing for black sea bass, and how to catch flounder in coastal bays. What you need to know to go saltwater fishing in New Jersey.

How to Catch Saltwater Fish in New Jersey

Do you want to learn how to saltwater fish in New Jersey, but aren't sure where to start? You might be surprised when you discover the number of places you can go and the variety of saltwater species you can catch.

  • The first step is to check into current New Jersey license and permit requirements. While New Jersey does not require a recreational saltwater fishing license, there are marine licenses and permits that may be required depending on the fish species and waterway. You will also be required to register with the New Jersey Saltwater Recreational Registry Program.
  • Next, you will need to check a New Jersey saltwater fish identification guide and get the latest fishing regulation updates.
  • From there, you may want to try surf fishing from a shoreline or pier for species like striped bass, flounder, or bluefish. You can fish from a shoreline or pier using surf fishing gear
  • Find out about fishing seminars or events that can help you learn basic saltwater knots and rigging techniques.

After picking up a few tips on how to fish for saltwater species in New Jersey, you will be ready to get out on the water and try it for yourself.

New Jersey Saltwater Fishing Tips

Get some simple tips on how to catch saltwater fish in New Jersey so that you can plan a day on the water. These suggestions can help you assemble the basic tackle you need and find an accessible spot.

  • Get a 10- to 12-foot surf fishing rod with medium-heavy power and medium action. Longer fishing rods are required in order for you to get your baits out beyond the waves.
  • You can try using 25 to 30-pound braided fishing line and 40 to 50-pound fluorocarbon leader, depending on the structure in the area. Use heavier leader around rocks, concrete pilings, or bridges. Make sure your reel has a high line capacity.
  • Live or natural baits work best. One of the most common saltwater fishing rigs to use with natural bait is a fish finder rig. A fish finder rig will work for striped bass, flounder, or black drum. Try baits such as clams or bloodworms.
  • Try saltwater fishing from the docks at John C. Bartlett, Jr. County Park on Berkeley Island or from the Ventnor Fishing Pier in Ventnor City, New Jersey. Use the places to fish and boat map to locate additional spots within NJ.

For more information on which species are biting and where to go, you can also check current New Jersey saltwater fishing reports.