Northern Pikeminnow

Northern Pikeminnow

The northern pikeminnow is a very large member of the minnow family. The northern pikeminnow is typically silvery-blue to gray color above on its back and silvery below.




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How to identify a Northern Pikeminnow

Scientists distinguish all of the pikeminnows by counting scales and rays however most anglers will simply rely on geography of the catch as most of the species in this genus do not overlap. They have a deeply forked tail with a long snout and a large, toothless mouth that will extend back past the front of the eye. These fish normally run about 1-3 pounds but they have been reported up to 15 pounds.

Where to catch Northern Pikeminnow


The northern pikeminnow can be found throughout the Columbia River drainage basin and other coastal drainages of Oregon and Washington but its range also extends northward into British Columbia, Canada. The northern pikeminnow prefers lakes and other slow moving waters.

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How to catch Northern Pikeminnow


The northern pikeminnows feed on aquatic invertebrates and small fish. They can be targeted with light spinning gear, bait casting or fly tackle. They are readily caught on bait, fly, lure, or anything that resembles a small minnow and are scrappy fighters but considered poor table fare.

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Northern Pikeminnow lures, tackle & bait

The following are fishing lures, tackle or bait that can be used to catch northern pikeminnow:

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