January 2021

5 Fun Winter Activities for Kids — With or Without Snow

No matter what winter looks and feels like in your part of the country, here are 5 fun winter activities for kids of any age — with or without snow!

Your Guide to Lake Erie Ice Fishing

Fishing season doesn’t have to end when it gets cold! Ice fishing on Lake Erie is a fun way to keep enjoying your favorite hobby in wintertime.

5 Best Freshwater Fish to Catch this Winter

Wondering about best freshwater fish to catch? Consider these freshwater fish species once you’ve checked the regulations, bring a few home for a fish fry

¿No hay bote? ¡No hay problema! Cómo encontrar los mejores lugares para pescar.

Desde playas a muelles y puertos, hay lugares donde lanzar tu línea sin necesitar un bote. Lee nuestros consejos para encontrar el lugar correcto.

Spinning Rod vs Casting Rod: What’s the difference?

Learn the differences between a spinning rod vs casting rod. Each is intended for a certain purpose and style of fishing. Decide which rod is right for you.

10 Things to Remember When Teaching Fishing Skills

List of ten things to remember when teaching fishing skills to encourage beginners to stay engaged, have fun with the learning process, stay safe on the water

Use Ice Fishing Flies and Jigs to Catch Winter Panfish

Ice fishing for panfish sometimes requires using lightweight lures fished gingerly, and that’s where ice fishing flies and similarly small jigs shine

Live Bait for Lake Erie Ice Fishing

Lake Erie ice fishing is widely popular as a winter fishing destination! Read more on why live bait increases your chances of catching fish while ice fishing. 

When do boating licenses expire?

Wondering when do boating licenses expire? Or how to get one? Learn the basics and get answers to frequently asked questions about boating licenses.

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