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5 Unique Fishing Techniques from Different Regions or Cultures

Imagine for just a minute that you are stranded on a remote island or in the deep woods without...

How to Find the Best Freshwater Fishing Spots Near You

Convenience can be a key factor when it comes to spending more time on the water.

Pier Pressure

Saltwater or freshwater, a fishing pier can be a great place to fish. Not only can the structure...

My New Pal, the Palomar Knot

I have always been an improved clinch knot guy.


Though officially called “northern pike,” cool water anglers on familiar terms with...

4 of the Strangest-Looking Fishing Rigs

There are some fishing rigs and lures that might appear just plain odd to the average observer.

What Color is Your Largemouth Bass?

Olive, dark green, brown… largemouth bass can change color a bit like a chameleon if you...

Shanty Town

You’re likely to find a mixed bag of anglers and shanties when you head out on to the ice.


There are enough rivers and streams in Western Pennsylvania without ice during the winter that my...

Steel City

Two hours North of Pittsburgh, the state of Pennsylvania has its toe in the Great Lake known as...

To Set or Not to Set

We hear it all the time from coaches of various sports.

Four! No, that’s a Five-Pounder!

Fishing can serve as a way to relax, have fun, and help manage stress.

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