RBFF uses marketing, outreach and education strategies to grow Hispanic participation in boating and fishing. A variety of tools are offered to stakeholders to help them focus more strategically and effectively on Hispanic boater and angler recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) efforts.

Before you begin reaching out to the Hispanic market ask yourself the following questions:

How big is the Hispanic market to me?
What types of Hispanic marketing should I use?
Where should I focus my resources?
Who should I target?
What do I need to know about the Hispanic audience?

Let our resources help you reach your goals!


RBFF is constantly monitoring and researching the Hispanic audience as part of an initiative to engage the Hispanic market. All research is available for free to stakeholders.

Hispanic Market Research


Plan and execute with the help of our logos, photos, translation guide and more.

Spanish Translation Guide: Commonly used fishing and boating terms translated into Spanish for your marketing and communication needs. Download guide

Vamos a Pescar Logos: Please review the logo usage guidelines and complete the license agreement prior to logo use. Link back all online logos to VamosAPescar.org.

Vamos a Pescar PSAs:
"Fish & Protect" Spanish :30 (TV)
"Fish & Protect" Spanish :30 (Radio)

Photo Library: Over 100 professional, multicultural boating and fishing images to help with your outreach efforts. Go to our photo library

Web Banners: Downloadable web banners for your consumer website. Please email us to download.

Bilingual How-To Videos: Watch RBFF's new Boating and Fishing videos


RBFF holds webinars and an annual State Marketing Workshop that frequently cover research, upcoming campaigns and information on the latest trends and engagement strategies for the Hispanic audience. View many of our presentations with Hispanic content below.


2014 State Marketing Workshop: Engaging Tomorrow’s Customers Today, parts 1, 2, and 3

2015 State Marketing Workshop: Engaging the Hispanic Audience and South Carolina Hispanic Outreach Program


In an initiative designed to help state agencies optimize their marketing strategies and tactics, RBFF has taken the content most requested by our state agency partners and developed webinars to address these topics. Please join us as we discuss new ways to connect with your constituents and please refer back to this page to review past webinars.

03.28.16 RBFF Reaching the Hispanic Community
Changing demographics throughout the country have provided a great opportunity for the fishing and boating industry to engage with Hispanics. Targeting the Hispanic community needs to be an organization-wide commitment and implemented at the local level. Listen to RBFF’s Hispanic marketing agency, Lopez Negrete Communications, the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR) and Freedom Boat Club as they share insights on how to successfully reach and engage the Hispanic audience. We hope you will learn from these three groups and gain insights to successfully reach the Hispanic community in your area. Watch video

05.07.15 RBFF Vamos a Pescar Campaign State Market Expansion Webinar
This webinar, presented to representatives from California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Texas, was hosted by RBFF’s Hispanic market advertising firm, Lopez Negrete Communications. Listen in as they provide an update on the Hispanic market and share RBFF’s Vamos A Pescar™ campaign plans for radio, digital and social media advertising in these states.

02.05.15 RBFF Hispanic Marketing Strategies
Listen in on this presentation as RBFF and Lopez Negrete Communications, RBFF’s Hispanic marketing agency provide strategies, insights and tools to help you engage the Hispanic audience in boating and fishing. Research findings on this important audience and updates on RBFF’s Vamos A Pescar™ campaign are also covered.

04.24.14 RBFF Hispanic Campaign Webinar
Learn about RBFF's Hispanic campaign in this webinar presentation. The VamosAPescar.org microsite, communications plans and goals, targeted advertising and Spanish-language resources available to all stakeholders are all covered. RBFF President and CEO, Frank Peterson also shares research on the Hispanic audience and why this is an important group to engage in fishing and boating.

View our Take Me Fishing Blog in Spanish.