R3 Grants


RBFF’s 2023 State R3 Program Grants help fund state programs that are sustainable and replicable angler and boater recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) initiatives and plans that focus on increasing fishing license sales and boat registrations to help increase fishing and boating participation.

The program is designed to support state R3 strategies that fall into one of three focus areas: (1) communicating the relevance of fishing and/or boating to urban, multicultural audiences to help increase participation, (2) implementing angler and/or boater customer engagement strategies to retain and/or reactivate anglers and boaters to increase participation, and (3) enhancing the capability of agencies to develop and implement effective angler and/or boater R3 efforts. Proposals are reviewed by RBFF staff and a Proposal Review Working Group, made up of industry Board members, Federal agency and NGO representatives.

RBFF is no longer soliciting proposals for the 2023 State R3 Program Grants. The RFP for the next grants cycle will be available in late 2023. Please view the 2023 State R3 Program Grants RFP and Application for current program information for the 2023 grants.

Contact Jaime Koch, Staff Accountant/Subgrants Administrator, with any questions.