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State Agency Engagement

State Agency Engagement

Working with state agencies helps recruit, retain and reactivate anglers and boaters.

RBFF works to grow the number of anglers and boaters by working in collaboration with state agencies to develop, implement and evaluate recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) activities. RBFF shares the results and details of R3 efforts with all state agencies so that each individual agency can successfully implement these programs.

Angler and Boater R3 Programs

RBFF’s angler and boater R3 programs work to increase the number of fishing and boating participants across the United States. These programs currently include a successful direct mail campaign encouraging boat owners with lapsed boat registrations to renew, an e-mail based pilot retention program in Georgia, a grants program to support state agency programs that focus on R3, and a partnership with the Aquatic Resources Education Association (AREA) to develop guidelines which will help stakeholders implement and measure the effectiveness of their R3 programs.

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Fishing License and Boat Registration Referral Program

For years, RBFF has been directing consumers to state agency websites for fishing license and boat registration purchases. In its last fiscal year, RBFF referred nearly 2 million individuals to state agency sites looking to purchase a fishing license or to register a boat.

State Marketing Workshop and Webinars

RBFF hosts an annual State Marketing Workshop as well as several webinar presentations throughout the year to assist state agency partners with marketing, customer service and consumer engagement. Resources are made available for download following each webinar and Workshop.

George H.W. Bush Vamos A PescarTM Education Fund

Initiated in early 2014 with a donation from Bass Pro Shops Founder and CEO, Johnny Morris, the George H.W. Bush Vamos A PescarTM Education Fund is a grant program to fund state and local initiatives that focus on engaging Hispanic families in fishing and boating activities.

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