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Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement

RBFF’s industry research and partnerships are key to increasing participation.

RBFF partners with industry manufacturers and retailers to develop and implement marketing projects designed to increase category growth, while simultaneously, through research; developing consumer insights, knowledge and tools that industry can use to grow its individual brands.


When making marketing, education and outreach decisions, RBFF uses primary and secondary research to inform its efforts. This consumer research and insights is made available to industry stakeholders to help them understand the changing demographics of the sport, new markets and customer trends to inform their decision making processes. All reports are available to download for free in the RBFF Resource Center.


RBFF leverages partnerships with various fishing and boating industry counterparts to reach new markets and engage more consumers in fishing and boating.

Industry supports nation’s most successful fisheries restoration program

The nation's most successful fisheries restoration program, known as the Sport Fish Restoration Act (Dingell-Johnson) was established in 1950 to restore and manage America's declining fishery resources. Through the purchases of fishing equipment, motorboat and small engine fuels and import duties the Sport Fish Restoration Program (SFR) represents one of the most successful user pay, user benefit programs ever established.

This funding supports research, hatchery construction, public education, and the construction and maintenance of thousands of fishing and boating access sites. Over the past half century, hundreds of thousands of acres of critical fisheries habitat have been acquired for resource management and access. Every lake or stream that has been restored, every fish that has been stocked and every ramp that has been built using SFR funds provides another opportunity for more people to fish and enjoy the great outdoors.

A big thank you goes to our industry partners as their payments into the SFR Program has provided critical funding that together with revenues from fishing license sales, has enabled sustained growth in the millions of Americans who enjoy fishing. The American Sportfishing Association recently published a report highlighting the benefits of Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Funds. For more information on the role industry is playing in conservation, download the full technical report.

If you would like to learn more about the Sport Fish Restoration Program, visit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s USFWS-WSFR Sport Fish Restoration Program.