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How to Determine The Best Fishing Days in August

If your family is like most, you aren't usually able to get the whole crew together to go...

Night Fishing Trip: Same Place, Different Results

If you are looking for new places to fish, try your regular fishing holes… in the dark.

Create Your Great Outdoors Month Playlist Using These Songs

Since June is National Great Outdoors Month, it's the ideal time to create a great new summer...

It’s hard to beat a marina in the summer

Over the winter, a friend and I tried to outdo each other with the weather.  It was a...

Gone Fishing for Summer

The first day of summer is here! Finally the long, dreary winter days feel far behind us.

School’s Out: Time to Play

We don’t need to look at a calendar to know it’s summer.  Baseball season is in...

Last Licks for Labor Day?

If September 21st is the actual first day of fall, Labor Day is viewed as the end of summer. 

Unexpected Summer Fun

We live on the Lake Michigan coast, within a stone’s throw of dozens of beautiful, popular...

Pelagic Fish

As the fishing season moves from spring to summer, the Gulf Stream pushes closer to shore.

5 Things to Know About Using Soft Plastic Worms for Bass

Soft plastic worms are some of the best bass lures to use when fishing areas of heavy vegetation...

What Makes a Great Fishing Guide?

Every spring, I get a handful of notes from young men and women who have decided they want to try...

This Summer, Get Your Kids Cranked Up About Fishing

After a long hard year in school, kids want a break.  Fishing is a perfect release...

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