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Marketing Materials

Plan and execute your marketing campaign with the help of our logos, photos, translation guide and more.

10 Steps To Create A Digital Marketing Campaign

In 2020 RBFF received grant funds to assist with digital marketing efforts that promoted angler and boater participation. The funds were issued from the Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies’ (AFWA) Multistate Conservation Grant Program. RBFF worked with seven states to implement digital marketing campaigns to help their state’s fish and wildlife agencies better integrate with the digital environment. The primary goal of these campaigns was to increase angler and boater participation.

These seven states took different actions to create digital marketing campaigns under their own timeline, while following the same general steps. This resource was created to share information and learnings from these state agencies to help other states implement similar campaigns. This resource includes:

  • Case studies with campaign results.
  • Steps to create a campaign with real-life examples from state agencies.
  • Advice from participating state agencies for others looking to create a similar campaign.
  • Creative assets from the campaigns that your state can utilize.

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10 Steps To Create A Digital Marketing Campaign Addendum
While seven states were able to implement their digital marketing campaigns in the summer of 2020, COVID concerns caused the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MI DNR) to postpone their campaign until 2021.

The results and learnings from this campaign can be found in this addendum.

Take Me Fishing & Vamos A Pescar

Support the Take Me Fishing & Vamos A Pescar campaigns by adding logos to your website or promotional materials.

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Take Me Fishing & Vamos A Pescar PSAs

Spread the word about the joys of boating and fishing and the benefits of conservation through our PSAs.

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Photo Library

Professional, multicultural boating and fishing images to help with your outreach efforts.

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Spanish Translation Guide

Commonly used fishing and boating terms translated into Spanish for your marketing and communication needs.

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Direct Mail & Email Marketing Toolkit to Reactivate Lapsed Anglers

Reactivating lapsed anglers is vital to growing participation in fishing. This audience has already shown interest in fishing; they might just need a quick reminder to get back into fishing. Through the Fishing License Marketing Program, RBFF tested, refined and implemented direct mail and email resources to successfully reactivate anglers in up to 40 states.

These resources have been organized into a step-by-step guide that provides straightforward instructions to plan, execute and manage your agency’s lapsed angler license renewal program.

View GA's Email Results

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For questions and more information, please contact jmartonik@rbff.org

Boat Registration Marketing Program

The Boat Registration Marketing Program, initiated nationwide in 2012, includes outreach to lapsed boaters who haven’t renewed their boat registration for at least one season. The program is a partnership with state agencies and is funded entirely by RBFF, with the state agency receiving all of the revenue that the programs generate.

Implementing the program is easy! Are you currently targeting lapsed boat registrants? We’ll do it for you and your state agency will receive all the revenue!

View some past results.

For questions and more information, please contact jmartonik@rbff.org

First-Time Buyers Retention Email Campaign Toolkit

Retaining anglers, especially first-time license buyers, is an important part of keeping anglers engaged in fishing and increasing participation. Encouraging an angler to renew their license will help steer them down the road to becoming a lifetime angler.

In 2015, the RBFF partnered with the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division to implement a retention pilot program targeting first-time fishing license buyers to increase fishing license renewal rates. This toolkit contains email templates and steps to implement a program to retain first-time license buyers in your state.

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For questions and more information, please contact jmartonik@rbff.org